We pride ourselves in delivering tailor made services that exactly fit the

client’s aspirations.

PR and Marketing services

Thoroughly planned marketing and PR campaigns define public relations and help

increasing both visibility of the company in the market and its brand recognition.

Advertising services and media planning

Thoroughly planned general or specialist advertising campaigns help boost your

company/brand recoginition on the market.

Trainings, seminars, conferences

Organising a company presentation, training or specialist seminar allows representatives to

get in touch with the targeted group of prospects and customers, enables better

interpersonal relationships and helps to increase sales figures.

Fun events

These events are a necessary part of the company culture and an informal atmosphere

generates stronger business and private relationships between people.

Special events/incentive programmes

These events combine work activities with pleasant holiday atmosphere and help gaining

new inspiration and energy. Special events are also a very good motivation for your

employees and your business partners.